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BlueBull, Southern Europe’s leading Tech M&A firm, acted as the financial advisor in Zeleros’ financing round with more than 7 million euros raised for the development of its unique version of the Hyperloop, the “fifth mode of transport”.

The round involved companies such as Altran, the lead investor, Red Eléctrica Group, as well as national and international strategic investors, including Goldacre Ventures (UK), Road Ventures (Switzerland), Plug and Play (USA), and Spain’s Angels Capital and MBHA, among others.

The funds will be used to promote the development of the Zeleros Hyperloop vehicle and its technologies, thanks to which it is positioned as the best alternative to efficiently cover routes in the range of 400 and 1,500km, with a special focus on reducing the cost of infrastructure and safety for passengers and goods.

About Zeleros

Zeleros is the Spanish company that seeks to lead the development of a new method of sustainable high-speed transport in Europe, inspired by Hyperloop. After the success in the international competition organized by the visionary Elon Musk (2015), the founders of the university-based team decided to create Zeleros. Currently, the company focuses on the development of the vehicle and levitation systems, and establishes key collaborations to develop the rest of the technological lines.

This new funding will enable the development and demonstration of their systems in a real-world operating environment, bringing Zeleros even closer to a multi-billion dollar market opportunity they hope to capture over the next decade.




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A referent project

The next step for Zeleros will be the deployment of the European Hyperloop Development Center in Spain, including a test track to demonstrate the effectiveness of its technologies at high speed. The aim of this project is to accelerate the development of the hyperloop industry in Europe by creating an ecosystem of international industrial, technological and institutional partners. a prototype of its SELF (Sustainable Electric Freight-Forwarder) autonomous container transport system. This initiative will enable the company to advance the development of its hyperloop system with an application aimed at decarbonizing and automating container movements between terminals.

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