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We encourage the new generation of technology-driven companies topush the boundaries

From aerospace startups helping our civilization conquer galaxies, to simple SaaS solutions that help optimize niche traditional industries, to digital brands that powerfully engage their audience.

Despite the proliferation of startups, the vast majority are focused on solving everyday problems. We believe in companies with greater ambition, capable of developing their own research and applying it to the real challenges of our era. The financing of such projects is very risky, as it requires a great mastery of the sector as well as a deep strategic vision.

BlueBull advises PLD on €9M Series A (2018)

BlueBull advises PLD on €7.8M round (2016)

Sustainable solutions can help address environmental challenges and drive the transition to a greener and more resilient economy. Solar energy, battery technology and precision agriculture can significantly contribute to the efficiency of many sectors and offer interesting investment opportunities.

The growing number of connected devices is an open door for the emergence of new security risks in any company. Investments in cybersecurity and digital trust have skyrocketed in recent years, with the goal of protecting a company’s most important assets: its data and its people.

The application of artificial intelligence, big data and process automation have completely transformed the banking and insurance industry. The digitization of payments, digital banking, improved risk management and innovative financial software platforms are playing a key role in this paradigm shift.

The pandemic has accelerated a process of change that began a few years ago: the combination of the internet, big data and the spread of mobile devices has put the focus on solutions to improve ecommerce while improving the technology applied to traditional retail.

The media ecosystem has always been characterized by innovation to find new ways to retain its audience. Today we live in an environment marked by social networks and in which e-sports are gaining ground. Technology applied to these sectors is experiencing a boom that reinforces its growth.

Companies around the world are investing money and resources in implementing the digital transformations needed to stay competitive with the new 100% digital players. Efficiency and effectiveness are the key words, while managed IT, digital services and BPO are the solutions.

With more than 7 billion people inhabiting the world, smart mobility and focus on sustainability have become a top priority for governments, companies and startups. AI-driven traffic management, the sharing economy, fleet management or CleanTech and AgriTech companies are driving the way towards a sustainable and clean future.

The increasing adoption of robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are breathing new life into the industrial sector. Industry 5.0 relies on the combination of people and technology to achieve greater efficiency, energy savings and increased competitiveness.

The gradual aging of a population that continues to grow, along with the chronification of diseases, opens up a new field of innovation aimed at improving people’s health and well-being. Traditional players and new digital players are investing in telemedicine, the application of wearables, predictive and personalized medicine and the improvement of products and software.

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