Deep Tech

Despite the proliferation of startups, most of them focus on nice-to-have solutions. We believe in companies that are capable of developing their own research and apply it to the prominent challenges of our age. Financing such ventures is risky and require domain expertise and deep strategic vision.

Space Tech

As space technology gets cheaper, a new crop of innovators has been revolutionizing how we understand and exploit space resources. The new opportunities Space Technology enables are infinite.

Smart Mobility

The acceleration of the migration of people to the cities is straining our urban infrastructure. How to transport an ever-growing number of goods and people in already overcrowded cities is one of the biggest challenges of our century.

Prop Tech

Technology is finally catching up with Real Estate, and the digitalization and automation are changing how we do construction. New project management systems, innovative materials, and disruptive construction techniques are quickly changing the industry.


The increasing number of connected devices is one of the biggest existential risks to the security of any company. While most internal services are protected, the periphery of our ever-growing data systems remains unprotected. The need for proactive and responsive cybersecurity defenses is genuine.

Industry 4.0 / IIoT

The ubiquity of data connections and the affordability of high-end devices are revolutionizing how we do business. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) models become more accessible, the need for raw data to train our systems is increasing exponentially. Connected devices (IoT) have become the eyes and ears of the current wave of disruptive AI systems.

Food Tech / Agro Tech

As the population rises and migrates to cities, the sustainability of our food supply becomes central to our survival and that of our planet. A growing crop of innovations like plant-based meat or automated vertical farming is looking to achieve much-needed sustainability in our food value chain.

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